Powerful Women IMHO

Aside from my mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts, relatives, authors and creators, and many friends who have had an impact on my personal and professional development, I want to name and thank 10 women who have had an outsized positive impact on my life’s direction (in chronological order):

  • Mrs. Audrey Robinson (See story here)
  • Mrs. Judy Richardson, 6th grade teacher
  • Mrs. Sandra Blythe, 9th/10th grade Spanish teacher
  • Assistant Dean Donella Croslan
  • Pamela Cheek, Campus Y
  • Professor Cheryl L. Brown
  • Mozelle “Lainee” Waiters McDuffie, colleague
  • Reverend Elouise Oliver
  • Retha Robinson, colleague
  • Freada Kapor Klein, PhD, boss