Life on YouTube.

Even before the shelter-in-place, I spent a LOT of time on YouTube. Like daily. Y’all know I don’t do trash, so I always appreciate uplifting content. Three of my fave series are:

Tabitha Brown, the vegan cooking personality whose unbounded joy and gift of gab remind me so much of one of my aunts! And Tab is from NC too (no relation tho)!

Shine with Plants: Fabiola, a Camerounian in Chicago, makes mouthwatering green juices among other vegan meals, and

Beleaf in Fatherhood. To be clear, I have NO desire to be a dad, but watching Glen “Beleaf” Henry’s family adventures is charming and affirming.

A wonderful commonality is that each of these shows depicts parents and their kids in loving, supportive relationships. And yes, there’s lots of vegan cooking (I’m interested but not yet converted).