reminder to self

are u in love with what u got
not more atop more atop more atop
capitalist culture driving u to believe
your life is meaningless / without reprieve

are u in love with what u have created 
a masterpiece life that u have curated 
not an empty shell of accumulated things 
but a thoughtful collection of substance that sings

relationships that lift and sustain 
that generate joy and help weather pain
an appreciation of beauty in the mundane
the serenity with knowing life is arcane

are u in love with what u got
are u a bit happy every day, full stop
can u recognize what it means to be blessed
and recall lessons from the times of big stress 

over job or lovers or money or fame
or envisioning dreams that never quite came
but your body is working / your income is stable
a roof over head and food on the table
and friends across your lifespan and many nations
you learn and love from all those conversations

you’ve a gracious plenty / what more do u need
when does longing for more start to look like greed
not necessities that help you grow and evolve
but with needless acquiring, maintain your resolve

to not compare yourself to your neighbor the Joneses
to run the rat race / play the dos and don’tses
that curtail your spirit from being happy and free
that keep you from living authentic-al-ly

i want run through the daisies / sing a jazz song
and on occasion eat sweet treats all the day long
like nina / keep searching for what it means to be free
love my blackness and queerness unapologetically

sure / times are crappy / politics are maddening
inhumane behavior’s angering and saddening 
inflation is high and civility is low
climate has become a timebomb to blow

but in the midst of challenge / be still and re-center
remember that spring always follows the winter
stay grounded in the good that you hold to be true
and know what makes up the best of u
know how to lean on your zest when blue
know how to take a rest when through
know how to ace the test on cue

are u in love with what u got
not more atop more atop more atop
maybe just maybe your life is just right
divinely aligned God is holding us tight
so let’s continue to fight the good fight
and on that note i will bid you good night

Cedric Brown • 5 July 2022