Nightstand Book Reviews.

In my determination to not ever be bored during this sheltering, the books keep a comin’. From my nightstand:

Read How Much the Heart Can Hold; Seven Stories on Love especially for Bernadine Evaristo’s (love HER!!) piece, which did not disappoint.

Bird Summons (Leila Aboulela) is a read-in-progress, a bit slow to get started but interesting enough.

Questlove’s knowledge of music and history is encyclopedic in Mo’ Meta Blues:The World According to Questlove.

Malaika Wa Azania’s Memoirs of a Born Free is a letter to the ANC about their post-apartheid failures to fulfill the promises of a new South Africa. Maybe too many day-to-day details of her life and not enough analysis?

I Can’t Date Jesus (Michael Arcenaux) is a bit too pop culture (sorry Beyh1ve) and bitchy for me, but I needed to read something smart, Black, and queer.

(Reviewed A Lucky Man here)

(Reviewed Real Life here. Still my favorite SIP read yet.)

Maisy Card’s These Ghosts Are Family has a fascinating premise but is weirdly constructed; still worth a quick read.

Happy reading!