Honorable Mentions.

In addition to the 16 books that I’ve posted about over the course of this year, these are also well worth mentioning:

How Long ‘Til Black Future Month? (N.K. Jemisin): I generally don’t read much speculative fiction (or “sci-fi” for the old heads), but was intrigued by what this  master author conjured up in this collection of stories firmly positioning Black people in speculative scenarios. Some tales were hopeful, some were ominous; all required a stretch of the imagination. Just like these times.

The Private Joys of Nnenna Maloney (Okechukwu Nzelu): I special-ordered this book after reading about it in The Guardian (and ended up having a giddy Twitter exchange with the author!). Multiple intertwined plot lines about the continuous search to find one’s self, mostly focused on the young title character but extending to others in her life. Part of my BGM authors reading list.

Useful Phrases for Immigrants (May-Lee Chai): Consider them useful insights for natives into the challenges of these lively characters. Tightly-woven stories packed with energy.

A Promised Land (Barack Obama): First of all, I can’t help but comment on that FLAWLESS portait-as-cover. Just handsomeness. I didn’t read these 700+ pages straight through; instead I read chapters and anecdotes until I’d covered pretty much the entire book. As MY president intended, this memoir gave detailed and intriguing glimpses into the day-to-day happenings in the most visible role in the land–with some delicious shade mixed in on occasion–hee hee!

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