The Shape of My Heart.

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of THE SHAPE OF BLACKNESS, my first co-produced visual art exhibition!!

SHAPE is a virtual group show of South African and US artists whose work aims to comment on contemporary Blackness in our respective nations.

This project builds on my longtime dream of curating a visual art show. I’ve had a terrific experience learning from my co-producers and curators, Odysseus Shirindza, the super-creative director of Gallery MOMO Johannesburg and a designer in his own right, and my long-time collaborator Trevor Parham, the visionary founder of Oakstop, which hosts the exhibition website.

SHAPE is underwritten in part by the Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity as an extension of my 2019-20 fellowship.

If so moved, please join the conversation by leaving a comment on the SHAPE website. Happy viewing and Happy Black History Month!

Details from 9 of the 11 artists.
Click on photo to see the exhibition website.